6 Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips for Summer

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While hardwood flooring makes an elegant and lasting addition to any home, you should remember that regular hardwood floor maintenance is key to keeping your flooring in tip-top condition, particularly during the summer months.

As the climate changes, wood floors have a tendency to expand and contract along with temperature and humidity levels, and, if not properly cared for, this may lead to warping or cracking.

Here are Ottawa Diamond’s top 6 hardwood floor maintenance tips for summer, taking the hassle out of owning hardwood flooring once and for all…

1. Vacuum the right way

While mopping can be better to clean dirt from your flooring, vacuuming is the best way to remove dust and grit from between your boards. Always ensure you use the bare floor attachment or setting so as you don’t inadvertently scratch your wood!

2. Avoid direct sunlight

The harsh summer sunlight can be nuisance to those with hardwood flooring, as, due to the natural qualities of the wood, sunlight can quickly damage or discolor this type of flooring. While it may be hard to keep the sun off of your hardwood floor’s back at all hours, a good hardwood floor care tip is to close your curtains and blinds before you head out for the day to avoid unnecessary exposure.

3. Use the right cleaning products

Getting the right cleaning products is one of the hardwood flooring maintenance tips you can’t overlook, as buying the wrong cleaner can cause irreparable damage to your floor. Invest in cleaning products specific to wood flooring and consider opting for more natural cleaners such as olive oils, over and above detergent or wax-based cleaners. Vinegar is sometimes recommended for cleaning hardwood floors but experts do not recommend this for extended use as it can have an oxidizing effect.

Cleaning hardwood floors directly with water is also not advised as it can alter the color or your wood and absorb too much moisture. Instead, to clean up spills and dirt, use a damp cloth instead.

4. Eradicate too much moisture!

Wood is a naturally absorbent material, meaning when summer humidity reaches its peak, your hardwood flooring can cause trouble. Generally, during hotter months, your hardwood flooring will expand slightly and if it is fitted correctly will allow for this expansion. If you’re worried about how your hardwood flooring will fare this summer, keep your temperature fairly consistent and your humidity levels at around 35-55% with a dehumidifier.

Most importantly however, if you do start to notice any swelling to your floors, contact a professional immediately. If you want to know more about the relative humidity in your home and how best to keep your flooring in peak condition, you should also consider booking an appointment with a professional.

5. Damage protection

Obviously your floor can’t protect itself, so it has to be you that takes up the job of protector! Place floor mats by all your entrances and make sure all family members remove their shoes, particularly hard-soles and high-heels, before walking on your beautiful floors. Cover your chair’s feet and other furniture ends with felt protectors and remember to change them when they get old and dirty. Vacuum regularly, clean up any glass breakages quickly and thoroughly, and cut your pet’s nails every so often!

6. Get professional help

Sometimes it’s okay to admit you can’t do everything yourself, and so hiring a professional to conduct your hardwood floor maintenance is by far the most efficient and stress-free way to ensure your flooring is prepared for the summer. In addition to doing routine hardwood floor care, a professional can also spot early signs of moisture or other damages, giving you advice on how to act before it’s too late.

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