5 Reasons Hardwood Floors Are Better Than Carpet


Hardwood floors are becoming increasingly popular as an option for your home. Often, when we think of luxury flooring, we imagine ourselves sinking our bare feet into a soft, thick piled carpet. This, however, doesn’t have to be the case. Next time you are considering changing your flooring, why not consider a good quality hardwood floor?

Hardwood flooring is the ultimate in modern décor and is now seen to be as luxurious, if not more so, as a carpet by many people around the world. Here are five reasons why hardwood flooring could be the right choice for you:

1. Hardwood Flooring Is Easier to Clean: Do you have young children or pets? Hardwood flooring is ideal if you do. It is so much easier to mop up any spillages/muddy paw prints than it is to clean those things off a carpet. Often, carpets end up getting stained and are ruined. Hardwood flooring is really easy to maintain. No longer do you have to worry about expensive and time consuming deep cleans. Just mop and go!

2. Hardwood Flooring Is More Durable: If you opt for a good quality hardwood floor, you will find it is much more durable than carpet. Not only for spillages, as mentioned above, but also for any other accidents that could occur. For example, imagine if you dropped a hot iron or straighteners onto a carpet. Not only would this ruin the carpet, but it would also be a fire risk too.

3. Hardwood Flooring Is Cheaper in The Long Run: While the initial outlay is often considerably more to buy good quality hardwood flooring, as opposed to a good quality carpet, you will save money in the long run. Hardwood flooring lasts a lot longer than a carpet, as there is very minimal wear and tear from walking on it, and because it is a lot harder to accidentally ruin it.

4. Hardwood Flooring Goes with Any Décor: When you choose a carpet, you often choose a pattern or colour that will go with your décor and soft furnishings. This means that if you choose to change the décor, you have to change the carpet (or live with the fact it clashes with your new look). Hardwood flooring compliments any colour scheme, and works well with a huge range of styles from gothic to minimalist. It truly is an investment, which furthers the point I made above about saving money too.

5. Hardwood Flooring Gives You the Best of Both Worlds: If you choose to go with a carpet, you will only have carpeting. If, however, you choose to go with hardwood flooring, you can easily get the best of both worlds by choosing a rug or two to lay down. This is a particularly good idea if you have always had a carpet, and the thought of changing is a bit worrisome for you. You can change the rugs as often as you like to completely change the look and feel of a room a lot cheaper than you could change your carpet.